Binet et la maison d’édition Schleicher

Binet_-_Henri_-_La_fatigue_intellectuelle.djvuSerge Nicolas publie dans le dernier numéro du Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences un article très original sur les relations d‘Alfred Binet avec la maison d’édition Schleicher où Binet avait créé en 1897 une collection intitulée « Bibliothèque de pédagogie et de psychologie ».

Nicolas, S. (2015). Psychology in French academic publishing in the late 19th century: Alfred Binet, editorial director at the Schleicher publishing houseJournal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, 51(3), 285-307.

To date, historians of psychology have largely ignored the role of academic publishing and the editorial policies of the late nineteenth century. This paper analyzes the role played by academic publishing in the history of psychology in the specific case of France, a country that provides a very interesting and unique model. Up until the middle of the 1890s, there was no collection specifically dedicated to psychology. Alfred Binet was the first to found, in 1897, a collection of works specifically dedicated to scientific psychology. He chose to work with Reinwald-Schleicher. However, Binet was soon confronted with (1) competition from other French publishing houses, and (2) Schleicher’s management and editorial problems that were to sound the death knell for Binet’s emerging editorial ambitions. The intention of this paper is to encourage the efforts of the pioneers of modern psychology to have their work published and disseminated.

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